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You should live in Dolcedo-Ripalta – enjoy life. This means that you should not only feel well in your holiday home or apartment. The surroundings, too, must fit. You should know your way around, find the important things, and discover the charming corners.

Neither Dolcedo nor Imperia is a typical tourist location. An infrastructure aimed at this is moderately developed. You will by no means be “eaten” up by tourism. But this is exactly what brings out the beauty and the charm of the region.

We want your holiday, your break in Dolcedo to be unforgettable – in an entirely positive sense. In the following, you will find links to important information that is intended to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The information map with markers is useful for orientation.

Weather, attractive seasons

Of course, weather plays an important role in your holiday. And of course, there are ideal travelling times to the Val Prino. The western Riviera and especially the hinterland of Imperia are famous for their mild climate with little rain (>300 sunny days). 

Arrival – Mobility - Parking

Dolcedo lies conveniently situated near the motorway junction Imperia-Ovest and is easily accessible from all regions of Europe. In Liguria, mountains dominate. Flat areas are rare. This has a particular affect on parking spaces.

Emergency call, doctor, pharmacy

Important information regarding this.

Babies – Toddlers – Physically disabled people – Cardiacs

Dolcedo-Ripalta is a medieval town with narrow alleys, located on a hilltop and, thus, is not suitable for everyone. 


The Val Prino, Imperia, and Riviera offer diverse possibilities for entertainment and activities. Ranging from the classic beach holiday to golf, hiking, riding, and biking to sailing and whale watching.

There are reoccurring highlights such as the Grand Prix in Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Show, or the Vele d’epoca in Porto Maurizio. Other large events take place along the entire Riviera and Côte d’Azur. And there are many events that unfortunately are only announced on posters and rarely published on the Internet – like the numerous village fairs. Keep your eyes open. On our blog, you also find useful information.

If you don’t feel like any of this, head for the excursion destinations of the region. Here, the Villa Grock or the gardens of the Villa Hanbury are impressive. Or discover Liguria with Elena Porta. She is a professional tourist guide for the Val Prino and the entire Riviera. She will gladly also arrange a personal itinerary for you.



Depending on the climatic conditions, an increased number of insects appear in Dolcedo during the summer. But you do not have to be at their mercy.


Imperia and Dolcedo are well supplied with shops for your daily needs. There are larger supermarkets and many small grocery shops, gourmet shops, and weekly markets.

Dolcedo is a famous centre for olive cultivation and olive oil production. Of course, we have also made a list of everything important regarding the olive oil from Dolcedo. This way, you are already prepared if you get advice from Ghilione.


Bars, restaurants, nightlife

The Ligurian cuisine is diverse. In a small area, there are different styles, depending on whether the sea or the mountains were more defining. The restaurants are for the most part good and very good. The same applies to the bars. During the summer, a celebrated nightlife takes place at the coast. 


In Imperia and the Val Prino, there are many different courses and seminars. However, many providers work for themselves and hardly publish this information. Our platform is intended to give this opportunity.

Buy a house

If you want to purchase your own house in the Val Prino, you can find some tips here.



On our newly created blog, you can find news but feedback about Liguria and Dolcedo in particular.


Recommended links with more information, all regarding Dolcedo and the Ligurian Riviera.

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